Where Is Westworld Filmed?

The images began appearing in June 2015 when Westworld’s cinematographer Paul Cameron shared a few stills from an unknown location shooting. Now we know the familiar-looking magnificent landscape was Moab, Utah.

HBO’s new ambitious show has stunning exterior shots filmed near Moab, Utah. While scouting for locations, Westworld co-creators Jonathan Nolan traveled to Moab with a few crew members, including cinematographer Paul Cameron, who shared Nolan excitement upon reaching the venue.

“I could just see the smile on his face,” says Paul Cameron, “He knew he had found Westworld.”

One specific reason behind choosing Utah was its cinematic history. After having shot several films at the Monument Valley, John Ford, the renowned American film director turned to Moab. “We went to that classic, iconic sense of the John Ford Western,” Jonathan Nolan said. “That geography is exquisitely, exclusively American. John Ford made Monument Valley famous with his films. But his last four films were shot in Castle Valley… which is where we went back to for Westworld. It’s an incredibly beautiful place.”

Location, of course, is important. It shapes the aesthetic of the show. Shooting in Iceland helps Game of Thrones capture the north of the wall, likewise, Utah’s gorgeous topography helps bring the grand titular theme park to life.

Here’s some of the behind the scene stills.

Westworld behind the scene pictures

Westworld behind the scene pictures

Westworld behind the scene pictures

Westworld on-set pictures

Westworld on-set pictures


Westworld behind the scene pictures
Chris Haarhoff on steadicam, Paul Cameron center & Jonathan Nolan right.

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Cinematographer Cameron used Kodak 35mm film (5245, 5207, 5219) and shot on ARRI Arricam LTs with Summicron Primes from 18mm up to 100mm and a Fujinon Premier PL 75-400 Cine Zoom Lens reports Nofilmschool.

Against the backdrop of California’s Ventura County Dolores and Teddy rode across miles in that one magnificent shot. Besides original locations, Westworld was also filmed in studios – Paramount Ranch in Agoura, California and Melody Ranch in Santa Clarita. The Paramount Ranch was acquired by Paramount Pictures in 1923 and has served as filming locations for shows like The X-Files. Parts of Tarantino’s Django Unchained and The Magnificent Seven was shot in Melody Ranch.

Talk to us in the comment section if you have visited any of these sets. 

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