Ed Harris Wants The Entire ‘Westworld’ Cast, Especially Louis Herthum To Win An Emmy

Ed Harris who plays the Man in Black in HBO’s Westworld was one of the most mysterious characters and one of the show’s biggest surprises. The actor sat down for an interview and talked about the final twist, which actor on the show deserves an Emmy and given a chance which other characters he’d like to play. [The post is full of spoilers from Westworld season 1]

Ed Harris as Man in Black

Ed Harris played Man in Black in Westworld season 1

The Wrap asked Ed Harris about who, he thinks, deserves the Emmy this year from Westworld. The actor was full of praises for the whole cast but mentioned Louis Herthum who plays Peter Abernathy in the show, in particular.

“I think the whole cast everybody’s great. Pick a character,” the 66-years-old actor said. “I don’t know if you remember this scene where Evan’s original father is being talked to, he’s sitting here naked and they are grilling him, and he starts loosing it, I mean just that itself brilliant.”

The scene he mentions is from the pilot where Peter Abernathy is being questioned by Dr. Ford played by Sir Anthony Hopkins. Herthum recently talked about the shooting of the scene.

Ed Harris was also asked about the most challenging moment of shooting for Westworld season 1. He said he had a hard time scheduling after filming for the season had to be shut down for a few months. “In terms of the continuity and focus, we were kind of split up. And we shot the pilot two years by the time we finished the first season,” the actor said.

As to the final twist on the show where Man in Black’s true identity was revealed, Harris had seen it coming.

“One of the big surprises was, I saw Jimmi [Simpson] walking by one day — somebody said, ‘That’s you, [but] younger,'” Harris says. “And I went, ‘Oh!’ That was news to me. That was a big one! Then I found out some things about my past that were interesting — and I found out later on that [my company] literally owned this place. I was like, ‘Oh, OK, thanks — thanks for telling me.'”

Speaking of which character Harris would like to play other than the Man in Black, the actor says he’s “very happy playing Man in Black. I can’t even in my imagination think about another character I’ll be interested in playing in the show.”

Back at the PaleyFest 2017, Ed Harris was clearly repulsive of the idea of the Man in Black donning a Samurai costume. Whether we get a Samurai World next season remains to be seen. But the shooting for Westworld season 2 begins in July.

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