Westworld Season 2 is “Twice as Crazy,” Says Evan Rachel Wood

We have two new interviews from Evan Rachel Wood who plays Dolores Abernathy in Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy‘s HBO series Westworld. Every time I read Evan’s interviews, I’m reminded that she’s shooting for season 2 right now and has already made a few correct guesses (she said it in an interview) on Westworld theories. Anyway, these interviews give us an insight into the upcoming season and what Evan Rachel Wood thinks about the future of A.I.

Evan Rachel Wood Westworld Season 2

Picture Courtesy: Coveteur

The actor sat down with Coveteur and was asked if she could hint at what’s coming in Westworld season 2. To this, Wood said:

“We’re midseason right now, and it is twice as ambitious as the first one. Twice as crazy! I didn’t think it could get bigger or crazier, and now we’re halfway through, and I just can’t even believe what we’re doing. I’m on the show, and I’m still getting shocked and surprised at everything that they’re throwing at me. [Doloris is] a very different character this season.”

Evan has talked about a more ambitious season 2, quite a number of times in her previous interviews. One interesting question, the Coveteur’s journalist asked her was her thoughts on A.I. Wood was supportive of the direction technology is heading today.

“…the more research I did for the show and the more I learned about it and talked to futurists, the more I realized there’s a lot of hope in A.I.,” the actor said, adding “They’re going to be better than us. It’s sad because it also may mean that we’re going to be obsolete—but at the same time, if they’re going to be better and if the world’s going to be better, then I’m weirdly supportive of it.”

Last week, HBO announced that the Westworld Experience was coming to the New York Comic-Con this year. They held one at the San Diego Comic-Con and if you remember, the Westworld cast went there and had themselves evaluated. When they were asked to choose between a White Hat and a Black Hat, Evan actually chose a Black Hat.

“It just felt more honest about it because I believe that every human is a Black Hat. And that doesn’t mean I’d go and just like kill everybody and be a lunatic, but I do think it would be a bit naive to think that I would just be good the whole time. That’s just [an] honest answer,” she said laughing. 

Evan Rachel Wood at Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit

Evan Rachel Wood at Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit

Wood recently appeared in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit where she revealed that she tends to choose roles with which she can empathize. Wood is a sexual assault survivor and openly bisexual women. She has her own baggage that she uses as a tool to portray Dolores.

“Dolores is multifaceted; she’s obviously an artificial being but what the show explores is what consciousness even is,” Wood said. “The experiences she’s having are very real; the trauma is real; the pain is real. What’s to say her pain isn’t any different than ours?”

Speaking on what sort of Dolores will we find in Westworld season 2, Evan said, “She’s [Dolores] a survivor; she’s been abused for about 30 years … she’s been knocked down so many times and she comes back even stronger.”

Wood goes on and talks about a lot of other things; the entire interview is worth reading. Check it out.

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