Westworld Season 2 Filming Begins From July 2017

SpoilerTV reports that Westworld season 2 shooting starts from July, this year. The news rings happy bells in my ear because I was beginning to worry about the second season. A few days back we reported about the Writer’s Strike and speculated on what that could mean for the show. Now it looks like season 2 won’t suffer a delay like we had suspected but a July shooting could mean a late premiere.

Westworld season 2 release date

Could Westworld season 2 premiere in April?

Westworld Season 2 Release Date?

We are looking at Game of Thrones for an idea of a premiere date. One obvious reason for doing this is the scale of the show that somewhat resembles GOT and besides, isn’t Westworld supposed to be the next Game of Thrones!

Anyway GOT’s usual shooting schedule is from July to December for an April premiere (although for season 7 the premiere date has been postponed to July). It’s possible that Westworld season 2 could follow a similar pattern but this is only us making speculations.

So far, Talulah Riley (plays Angela) and Louis Herthum (plays Peter Abernathy, Dolores’ father) has been upped as season 2 regulars. We’ve also come to know that season 2 won’t begin where season 1 ended. The next season will start with a time jump, which, I admit, is a bit of a disappointment since I was looking forward to more of that grisly fight between humans and hosts.

Couple od weeks back, in an interview, Leonardo Nam had discussed his hopes for Felix in Westworld season 2.

“I hope [in season two], Felix finds a way to freedom,” the actor said. “He’s a very brave character, and I think you were starting to see glimpses of that. I would love to see that bravery and that courageous heart come out more in the park.”

As for those who had been hoping for William’s return, let me just tell you that it probably not happening. However, Jimmi (plays William) did talk of ways his character could return in future seasons of Westworld. Check out Jimmi’s interview here.

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