#PaleyFest: 15 Westworld Reveals at the PaleyFest 2017

The PaleyFesat was a star-studded event! The cast and creators of Westworld who took the stage at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood were showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, cast members Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, Jimmi Simpson, James Marsden and producer Roberto Patino. Gathered fans quizzed them about the show and received a handful of scoops from season 1 and a couple of guarded answers on Westworld season 2.

The full Westworld panel will soon be available on Hulu, a PaleyFest sponsor but before that, here are 15 tidbits that we learned.

Westworld Cast at the PaleyFest 2017

The cast of Westworld discussing the show at the PaleyFest 2017 in Dolby Theater in Hollywood

Samurai World? Ed Harris is not too keen!

Like we said Nolan and Lisa were pretty reluctant to give away anything but when someone remarked if the next season could show some of the other worlds Nolan’s response was, “That’d be cool, wouldn’t it?”

When Paste Magazine asked Ed Harris about Samurai-world, the actor wasn’t too interested in donning a Samurai suit.

“I just want him to stay out of the samurai suit, that’s all. I don’t care where he goes after that.”

Even the idea of a black Samurai suit wasn’t too appealing for Harris: “That ain’t gonna work,” he said. “Samurais don’t wear hats.”

Nobody knew what the maze is. Ed Harris still doesn’t!

Since a large part of the show was spent looking for the maze, both Harris and Marsden was asked if they knew what the maze was while shooting the scenes. Marsden jokingly replied, “Oh yeah of course,” while Harris conceded, “I still don’t know.”

Jimmi Simpson at the PaleyFest 2017

Jimmi Simpson at the PaleyFest 2017 by Jay L. Clendenin for LA Times

Jimmi Simpson figured he was playing younger Ed Harris because he was asked to pluck his eyebrow

An eyebrow plucking gave it all away.

“I was walking to lunch, and Lisa [Joy] was walking down the lane, and I started thinking, ‘If they want to change the look of my face they must want me to look like someone else,” Simpson said. “So who could I possibly look like in this cast? And this man [Harris] was the only person I settled on.”

Jimmi went ahead and asked Joy, who replied: “I don’t know. Don’t tell Jonah.”

Ed Harris accidentally found out about the two timelines

Unlike Jimmi, Harris got the news owing to a slip of the tongue.

“I walked by my trailer, and someone told me that Jimmi (Simpson) was the guy playing the younger me and I was like, ‘What?'” reports Variety.

Ed Harris at the PaleyFest 2017

Ed Harris at the PaleyFest 2017 by Jay L. Clendenin for LA Times

Also, Jimmi auditioned for two roles thinking it was for a “CHiPs remake.”

Jimmi said he doesn’t keep tab of the news that circulates in the industry and didn’t have much of an idea about Westworld. He thought he was auditioning for a small role but actually picked up the part of the lead.

“I didn’t know the scope, and I honestly thought it was going to be like a goofy kind of a CHiPs remake.” He said laughing along with the audience. “The list of actors… Anthony Hopkins is on this show?”

Also, this happened at the PaleyFest. We couldn’t help sharing!

Teddy’s love for Dolores has no boundaries

James Marsden thinks Teddy’s love for Dolores has no limits. He thinks the turn-of-events by the end of the season, broke Teddy’s illusion of Dolores being a perfect woman, the woman of his dreams. Marsden believes, “he [Teddy] fell more in love with her.”

It’s a very interesting take and could be a defining characteristic trait that might guide him in season 2, but that’s just a speculation on my part.

James Marsden thought he would be shooting people’s head off instead he was the one getting all the bullets!

“As an actor… you’re faced with characters [to] play that you learn certain skills. I was excited to come in and learn how to shoot a gun. I didn’t know I’d spend the whole season learning how to get shot,” the actor said laughing.

James Marsden at the PaleyFest 2017

James Marsden at the PaleyFest 2017 by Jay L. Clendenin for LA Times

Maeve has definitely broken her loop

Nolan had told this before, and he mentioned it once again, that Maeve has finally broken her loop and is ‘writing her own fu**ing story.’ She was scripted to go out of the park and reach the mainland, but she got up and out of the train. If you recall or (you can go back and see now), the camera was jerky and following Maeve out of the train instead of showing her the way.

Point taken! Notice the camera movements, the next time you see Westworld.

Not knowing the whole plot helped actors perform better

One of the most dominant discussions in the panel was how actors were kept in the dark about a lot of things while shooting. Evan Rachel Wood said abstinence from complete knowledge helped her get some of the scenes right on spot (which probably was the intention behind all the secrecy).

“It helped inform the performance. It helped really be in the moment, and it felt like we could play it out in real time,” the actress said.

Thandie Newton at the PaleyFest

Thandie Newton at the PaleyFest 2017 by Jay L. Clendenin for LA Times

Thandie Newton had combined activism with her roles as madam in a brothel

Anyone following Newton though her social media profiles would know how vocal the actress is about women empowerment,  racism, among other things (she and a bunch of other Westworld cast went to the Women’s March). So Newton was understandably worried about how she was being represented in the show.

“I think that Westworld, for me anyway, is going to be part of the solution and not part of the problem,” the actress said.

“When I go to work, I have to just be the actor, do what I have to do. But the work that I do with my life, about trying to empower women—about trying to empower women, and men, by extension—that I have to leave behind. I was an activist every single day that I went to work [on Westworld]. I felt part of the solution every single day that I went to work.”

It’s a very nice way of putting how it feel to be a part of the show.

Audition process for some of the actors was “completely sadistic”

During the auditioning of the host, the actors had to play several different personalities. It was a fairly difficult thing to pull off, because between transitions actors were told to do weird things like behaving as if you are a broken clock or impersonate someone having a stroke.

Loius Herthum had talked about his auditioning process.

Fan theories are driving the creators nuts, but they are game

“It’s annoying sometimes when people guess the twists, and then blog about it after you spent two years [working on a project meant to keep the world guessing],” Nolan said. “It’s gratifying on one level because if someone guesses your twist, that means you’ve done an adequate job laying the tracks for it. I’m not a big believer of the rug-pull.”

To be fair, Westworld isn’t a show that thrives on shock value

Nolan, however, went on to say that “you can’t complain when people are that engaged… just stop doing it, please.”

Joy totally loves fan art. (Who wouldn’t?) Keep them coming guys!

Also, we have we have our very own ‘Westworld Fanart Friday’ every week as a platform for showcasing the best of talents in the fandom.

Take-Aways For Westworld Season 2

“Just fucking stonewall them. Nothing!” that’s was Jonathan Nolan told when they were being bombarded with questions about season 2, reports Indiewire. Although fans were persistent enough, Nolan carefully dodged all questions on

Although fans were persistent enough, Nolan carefully dodged all questions on Westworld season 2. He did crack a few jokes thought. When quizzed on what season 2 will be about, Nolan remarked: “It’s a musical.”

Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan at the PaleyFest 2017

Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan at the PaleyFest 2017 by Jay L. Clendenin for LA Times

Lisa Joy gave a solid hint about music for the next season

“We spend a lot of time watching children’s movies [with their daughter], and one of them has proven to be, musically, incredibly inspiring. So there may be a strange shout out to a very innocent, enjoyable song.”

They might avoid multiple timelines

Unlike what happens with most shows, Nolan and Joy would like to steer clear of repetitions.

“It made sense to do multiple timelines because it showed how Dolores felt, and that confusion. ‘I’m in love, but [The Man In Black] is coming for me,” Joy said. “[Only] then realize, I haven’t changed, but so much time has changed, and now he’s this.’ The timeline thing is in service of landing that point of view for Dolores.”

Not much on season 2, but better than nothing right!

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