7 Things We Learned From Westworld FYC Panel 2017

The Westworld cast and crew participated in Television Academy’s ‘For You Consideration’ panel last night. HBO pulled out the big guns for the panel, as JJ Abrams joined creators, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy along with Westworld stars Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton, Jimmi Simpson, James Marsden, and others. Since Westworld season 2 isn’t coming any sooner than 2018, these little events are something that we look forward to. As is ritual with Westworld, the cast and crew didn’t shed any life into what’s coming in the next season, but they did talk extensively about the many thoughts and processes that went behind into making Westworld.

Westworld FYC Panel

Westworld FYC Panel (Image Source)

Here are 7 takeaways from the Westworld FYC Panel

1# Jonathan Nolan (co-creator) points out that although the theme park (Westworld) is supposed to be a fake world where rich people come to live a fake Western life for a couple of days, but for the purpose of the show, the world had to be built for real. The irony of the whole situation isn’t lost on Nolan.

2# Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores Abernathy) said that back when they were shooting for Westworld, they were all in “this crazy journey together with no idea where it was headed.” Perhaps she’s hinting at being relatively blind to where the whole story was heading while shooting. To Evan, the makers of the show had said that the end of her story would be very different to how it had started.

3# When Jeffrey Wright got the part to play Bernard Lowe, Wright had joked to Nolan that Dr. Ford would turn out as Bernard’s creation. If you have seen season 1, you’d know what exactly happened!

4# Evan says she comes across fans who’d see her and scream “cease all motor functions” on the street. “And I do! It freaks them out!” the actor said.

5# James Marsden who plays the virtuous Western hero Teddy Flood joked that he learned to ride the horse by the end of the season. “I finally learned to ride the horse by Episode 10,” he told.

6# The makers along with the cast of Westworld are very proud of the powerful female heroes that has come forth in the show. For a genre that is essentially considered as a masculine business, Westworld tries to flip it and make the women heroic. “It was the double inversion. Not only the kind of robot thing, where it’s normally about the guests being terrorized by the robots but from the robot’s point of view,” Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy said, reports THR. She went on:

“But then to do a western where it’s normally the archetypal male hero in a kind of unknown land. Then to turn it into these fair damsels who are nothing but ferocious warriors when you get to know them, both personally and on-screen, I feel like each of them brings all the layers in life and on-screen that you would want from a heroine.”

7# After wrapping up the shoot for the season, Evan Rachel Wood “just went over to Jonah and Lisa and started weeping and said, ‘Thank you.'” She was overwhelmed at having the opportunity to play a character like Dolores which she says is the most complex character she has played, in a previous interview.

Did you go to the Westworld FYC Panel? Have any interesting bit that we may have missed? Share with us in the comment section below.

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