Westworld Filming: New Images from Set Shows Luke Hemsworth & Jeffrey Wright

Last week, both Luke Hemsworth & Jeffrey Wright were seen filming for Westworld season 2 in Los Angeles. The set is outdoors and as per the images, there’s a black menacing vehicle (the one we saw in the Westworld season 2 teaser trailer) with Ashley Stubbs (played by Luke) peeking inside. Jeffrey Wright who plays Bernard Lowe is walking beside a man who could be a new cast member or a crew member, we don’t know. If you recognize him, do tell us.

Westworld season 2 Ashley Stubbs

Luke Hemsworth on the sets of Westworld season 2

Westworld season 2 filming

Luke Hemsworth and Jeffrey Wright filming Westworld season 2

Westworld season 2 Luke Hemsworth

Luke Hemsworth shooting for Westworld season 2

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Now Evan Rachel Wood who plays Dolores Abernathy in Westworld was invited to Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit. Evan talked a great deal about the show and how it personally affected her. Refinery29 reports that the young star who is a sexual assault survivor say that playing Dolores inspired her to seek trauma therapy.

“It got me to go to trauma therapy and actually deal with things that I hadn’t dealt with at all. So she’s really changed my life.” Wood said that she had been holding back and her biggest challenge was overcoming herself.

“I shouldn’t even be here, and I tried not to be a couple of times… [I]t’s really hard to get help, the right kind of help. And it’s hard to even admit to yourself that you need help. And people are so terrified to ask for help.”

If one follows her on Twitter, one can see Wood striving to strike conversations around mental health and violence against women. Wood’s advise on self-acceptance is to know the what one is good at and what one lacks.

“When you make mistakes, it’s just proof you’re trying. It’s like, What are you going to do with the mistake? Are you going to learn from it? How are you going to grow from this? What’s the lesson here? Keep asking yourself questions.”

Evan, right now, is filming for Westworld season 2.

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