Westworld Fan Art Friday #1

We created this site so that fans of Westworld, like us, can connect and interact with each other. Over the last weekend, we have been thinking of ways of doing that. When it comes to fan arts, be it the fandom of Game of Thrones or Stranger Things, there are plenty of people who create masterpieces. A few days back, the makers obviously realizing this had called for all artists, amateur or professional who loved the show, to create Westworld related art and post it under the hashtag ‘Westworld Reveries’. The best ones are being retweeted by the show’s official Twitter handle. It’s quite an honor, I’d say.

But even before they made the call, I’ve seen people sharing their Westworld fan art on Facebook groups, on Twitter, Tumblr and other networking sites like Deviantart. So we had a talk and decided to features the best Westworld fan arts that we come across, each week, for as long as the site runs. Here are 6 Westworld fan art that we picked up for this week.


Apart from sharing these fantastic pieces, I’d also like you to know (if you don’t already) that Westworld has received around five nominations, which is exciting, to say the least, for a hanful of upcoming awards shows. Here are links for you to find out more about the nominations: Directors Guild and Costume Designers Guild AwardsVES Awards, Producers Guild and Art Directors Guild Awards. The ceremonies are going to take place next month, i.e., February.

Coming back to fan arts, from now on we are going to do this every week, for which we’ll be scanning a number of social networking sites, and not just Twitter. Artist’s paying tribute to Westworld may drop in a line about their art over our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, or email us at [email protected]

Happy Westworld Fan Art Friday, you guys!

(Cover picture by Matthew/Saintworksart)

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