Westworld Experience Coming to New York Comic Con, James Marsden Shares Pre-Nudity Fitness Mantra

If you missed the Westworld Experience earlier this year at the San Diego Comic-Con, here’s your chance. Westworld: The Experience is coming to New York Comic Con 2017. You will have to get an appointment and it’s first come, first served basis. So buckle up.

Westworld Comic Con

New York Comic Con (NYCC)

As per HBO, ‘The appointment desk will pop up in a different location each morning near the Javits Center, with locations being teased and revealed via the Westworld Facebook page and Twitter handle.’

The appointment desk will open sharp at 9 am ET from 5th to 7th October. And unfortunately, not everyone will make the cut. But those of you, who do, will get to know the location of Westworld: The Experience.

Look out for “#WestworldNYCC” for more information and coverage of Westworld at NYCC on Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully, there will be a Westworld panel too, like last year. They haven’t announced it yet.

Having subscribed to Discover Westworld, we received an email from Delos and it runs like this:

SUBJECT: Did everyone at Westworld get fired?

If not, you’re about to. I never got a response on the asset retrieval from San Diego and the vendor shipped everything to us in sleep mode. There’s one stored in my office right now. I don’t know how you guys do this–even if they’re not real, they’re real creepy.

New York City is coming up. How do you want to handle? Proceed with the roadshow as planned? Nobody has run a diagnostic on these hosts in months and I’m not sure how they’ll perform once they get out there. And truthfully, after a few select San Diegan black hats, some of the hosts could use a Body Shop tune up.

If I don’t hear from someone in the next 15 minutes, we’re moving forward and shipping these out. One Mesa filled with lazy, unresponsive assholes doesn’t stop the show.

Delos Corporate

Email from Delos Corporate

Clearly suggesting a Westworld Experience in NYCC like the one that took place in SDCC. We followed the link to “New York City is coming up” and came up to the Discover Westworld website, to a new glitchy video.

(Because we live outside the US, these links inevitably took us to a broken HBO site. If like us, you live outside America and can’t open the links above, follow this)

There is a whole 1:22 minutes video, glitching over and over again. On Reddit, one guy pointed out that at the end of the video there’s a “DELOS ID” that goes 10241973 (see picture below). It’s the date of the premiere of the original Westworld film. It’s a blink and miss scene so look carefully.

Discover Westworld

Let us know if you catch anything more.

Marsden’s ‘Westworld’ Pre-Nudity Rituals

Moving on, James Marsden (Teddy Flood) revealed his pre-nudity ritual when working on Westworld. He’s shooting for season 2 right now. He missed the Emmys this year, along with co-star Luke Hemsworth to attend the Nautica Malibu Triathlon to raise proceedings for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

In this new interview with ET, Marsden said it’s the triathlons that keep him looking young and not to mention helps him in the naked host scenes on Westworld. Actors on the show often have to prepare themselves for nude scenes in three days’ notice. Speaking of his pre-nudity scenes, Marsden said:

“It’s more about not eating. I try to go easy on dinners leading up to those scenes. Not too many late-night meals and I drink a lot of water. It definitely helps to be training for a triathlon. If those two merge, it’s nice timing. It keeps you in shape!”

That said, check out this mega post we’ve created on Westworld season 2 based on everything we know so far.

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