Tessa Thompson Calls Westworld “A Very Feminist Show,” Anthony Hopkin’s Possible Return, Sidse Babett Knudsen Recalls Playing Theresa, And More

News surrounding Westworld is sparse and right now all we can do is rewatch season 1 and bask in the anticipation of Sumarai World in season 2 (more on that at the end of the post). Of late, we have a bit of unconfirmed information on Dr. Ford’s return and one actor calling Westworld “a very feminist show,”  and a few other tidbits on the show. Let’s dig in. [Please note that the post has spoilers from season 1]

Who Run the World?

At the Emmys this year (where Westworld failed to win a single award in the major categories), Tessa Thompson who plays Charlotte Hale told Elle that Westworld season 2 is big for the female characters.

“It really is a season where I think women are king. I think they rule the world in the park this season. It’s kind of all about the women and I think it might be a very feminist show as a matter of fact.”

From the teaser trailer of season 2 and from what Evan Rachel Wood has been telling about Dolores being pushed a little too far, we know that the women of Westworld are going to put on quite a show next season. Proving the point, Thompson said:

“Particularly for the women that play hosts on the show, because you see them as sort of objects, like Thandie Newton’s character who works in a brothel and can be had whenever people want her. This season you see her taking that entirely back and she’ll have anyone that she wants.”

On Anthony Hopkins’ Return

What looks like a hint of Dr. Ford’s return, Liv Ullmann, the 68-year-old Norwegian actress tells in an interview with Dagbladet that her upcoming project, a film starring herself and Anthony Hopkins has been postponed because of Hopkin’s commitment to Westworld.

Google tells me that the interview is in Norwegian and upon translation, here’s what Ullmann says:

Anthony Hopkins was so popular in “Westworld” that he must continue with her role there for a year, she shouts (Google probably means ‘she says/said’).

This is just a speculation. Earlier Westworld co-creator Jonathan Nolan said that “the sacrifice he makes at the end of the first season is very real,” implying his death at the end of the season 1. But he also went on to say that they’ll be looking at the park’s origin and that Dr. Ford’s presence will be felt in the upcoming season. Sound like we might catch the CGI version of young Robert Ford again but as for the old Ford, whom we hated and loved, there’s no guarantee of his return (so far).

Sidse Babett Knudsen Talks Westworld and Hopkins

Moving on, Sidse Babett Knudsen who played Theresa Cullen in season 1 recalls shooting that horrendous scene where Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) murders her on Dr. Ford’s instructions.

“I was completely high after that scene when he ultimately kills me… it was fantastic,” Knudsen told Independent.

“He [Hopkins] really is the greatest –very generous, very musical, great contact. And of course, he was a lovely man… exceptional. I met him and immediately we started talking about important things. He doesn’t mess around with small talk.”

It’s interesting to note that Knudsen is not much of an internet user but she promises that she’d “get into this world very soon.” Fingers crossed Sidse-heads. Must keep checking Twitter.

Fresh Pictures From the Set

Finally, we have new pictures from the sets of Westworld season 2. One Westworld fan (Jeanne) who lives near Melody Ranch, one of the show’s several filming locations have sent pictures to fellow fansite Westworld Watchers.

From outside the set, Jeanne observes: “That piece of archway (?) has been painted red, with a dark color ( black I think) on the top. They’ve hung a long roll of white fabric (?) from the line of metal framework behind that spot – you can see the tip of that archway in the second pic. Don’t you think that framework is too elaborate to not be a part of the set? For instance, I saw them use a crane to hold two large lights to light a scene. So if they have a crane (and cherry pickers) why would they need to build a structure that large (it’s actually four squares long) to film or light from? And the crew could travel faster on the ground. Why did they put an American flag on top of the structure?”

Although these don’t reveal much but look at the third picture. Could be of Samurai World? You be the judge of it.

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