Playing Peter Abernathy Is A Dream Job Come True, Says Louis Herthum

Louis Herthum (Peter Abernathy) had never “wanted to be ‘famous’,” but has “always wished to be recognized for my work.” The actor has been in the limelight even since he appeared in the show-stealing scene in Westworld’s pilot episode. In his most recent interview, Herthum talks about that particular scene with Anthony Hopkins and his new found fame.

Peter Abernathy

Louis Herthum as Peter Abernathy in Westworld

Westworld Watchers did an interview with Herthum and asked him whether he was nervous about shooting the scene with Sir Anthony Hopkins (Dr. Ford) and Jeffrey Wright (Bernard Lowe). The actor replied: “The scene wasn’t as difficult as it may have seemed, but for one reason only – I had a good deal of time to prepare it.”

During the rehearsal co-creator, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy had liked his work. “That takes a heck of a lot of the burden away as well,” Herthum adds. The nudity wasn’t as much of a problem as one might think. The Westworld star said everything was handled very “professionally” and with “dignity.” “After 5 minutes, it was as if I was fully clothed.”

As to that one scene that blew people’s mind away, Louis Herthum said that while preparing for it, he had to figure out a balance between depicting a human and a host.

“I was given a great note by Deanna Brigidi, the casting associate on the pilot, at the initial audition. When talking about what my host was experiencing between characters, she was explaining that this is the only place we see that the hosts are hosts, and not human. She then said, ‘You know when you get that spinning ball on your computer? That is what’s happening to you.’ And from that, I came up with what you see.”

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Some of the other interesting things that the actor revealed are as follow. Among his Westworld co-stars, Herthum is closest to Steven Ogg (Rebus). He was pleased to have been named TV Line’s Performer of the Week and would want to play Man in Black or Teddy, given a chance. He would also visit a park like Westworld if it existed. As for upcoming projects, Louis Herthum is looking forward to working in Chicago Med.

Herthum had been upped to series regular for Westworld season 2 but says that he has no idea as to what is going to happen to Papa Abernathy in the second season. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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