Now You Can Buy A House Where Westworld Was Filmed

Dr. Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) childhood cottage is up for sale! Built in the 1920’s, the quaint little cottage in Glendale’s Glenoaks Canyon is a French Country-style residence. It was the replica of the place Dr. Ford had grown up and built in the park without anybody’s knowledge, until, of course, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) discovered it.

Want it? It comes with a price tag of $1.94m.

Remember this room? No?

Westworld filming location

Inside of the Crowell-Saylor House

Now, do you remember? Look at the window and the fireplace on both pictures

Westworld filming location

Dr. Ford’s father and Bernard in Westworld season 1

As per LA Curbed, you won’t find much of anything left of the 1920s, but they have tried and to a great deal succeeded in keeping the outside appearance seem “frozen-in-time”. Unfortunately, inside the cottage, all its five bedrooms, four baths has been heavily refurbished and molded to today’s taste and standard.

Only a handful of original details are still found and it includes the fireplaces, crown moldings, the extensive woodwork, and the period tile and fixtures in one of the four bathrooms.

Called the Crowell-Saylor House, the cottage appears on Glendale’s historic register, and this is the third time the house is being sold. The .41-acre property is a Mills Act-qualified residence and contains oak, ash, and liquid amber trees, a bar/sunroom and a separate guest house.

Convinced? Have $2 million dollars to spare? Stacy Saylor of VasTree Real Estate is selling the cottage, so get in touch with her.

For anyone who doesn’t remember, this house, or to be more specific, the room in the picture above has played a significant role in the revealing of the story of Westworld. It was in this room that Bernard discovered hidden unregistered hosts who were replicas of Dr. Ford’s family. And it was in that cottage that Bernard took Theresa (Sidse Babett Knudsen) and later found out that he is a host. What happened after that, was pretty heart-wrenching, to say the least.

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