New Westworld Season 2 Footage Released by HBO

It’s been over a year since Westworld premiered and fans are quiet naturally starved. HBO seems to be dropping little consolation footages in the meanwhile. They gave us Beyond Game of Thrones: The Great Unknown on occasion of Game of Thrones Season 7 finale where there were exactly 3 shots from Westworld’s upcoming season 2. But the new footage has a generous amount of scenes. Check it out:

We managed to get our hands on the screenshots. Dig right in:

Westworld Season 2 - Dolores Abernathy

Here we have the oldest host in the park. Evan Rachel Wood who plays Dolores Abernathy said that her character has been “pushed a little too far” and that season 2 is going to be “twice as crazy.” One can’t forget her and Teddy galloping on their horses, shooting down guests in Westworld Season 2 trailer.

Westworld Season 2 - Ghost Nation

Hopefully, there will be more Ghost Nation involved in season 2. Last week, HBO made a call for 300/400 extras and invited Native American people too to join in for a shoot.

Next, we have a few random shot of Bernard, Maeve, Man in Black, Dolores and Teddy.

Westworld Season 2 - Arnold

Westworld Season 2 - Maeve Milley

Westworld Season 2 - Man in Black

Looks like Man in Black and Lawrence are back together like soulmates often are. Jokes apart, it’s good to see Man in Black. At Westworld Daily, we are really hyped about Jimmi Simpson and Ben Barnes’ return. We are bound to get some flashback with these two sharing the same screen.

Westworld Season 2

Westworld season 2 will air in spring 2018.

In the meanwhile, James Marsden revealed his acting process Chuck E. Cheese’s. In speaking of how Cheese’s influence in his rendition of Teddy Flood, the actor said:

“I spend every weekend here at Chuck-e-Cheeses studying researching genuine robots you see my character on Westworld isn’t based on any one particular pizza time player it’s an amalgam of all of them.”

Needless to say, Marsden is hilarious. What the video below:

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