Jimmi Simpson On William’s Transformation & How He Could Return To Westworld Season 2

[Warning: contains spoilers for season 1] Westworld star Jimmi Simpson (plays William) did a web chat recently and recalls having fun with co-stars during Westworld’s exhausting shoots. It’s 30 minutes interview, in which Simpson talks about playing the lead for a change, William’s transformation into the Man in Black and speculates how could possibly return to Westworld season 2.

Check out the interview here. For those unwilling to sit through the 30 minutes interview, we have listed the highlight of the interview, down below.

On playing the lead

Jimmi Simpson has been doing bits and pieces of roles all his life, so playing the lead was quite a departure from what Jimmi is used to doing.

“I normally come into series in very small doses for an effect,” he said. “With William, it was episode three and I realized all these people are waiting for me to move the story forward. Holy shit! That was a whole new experience.”

Back in March, at the Paley Fest 2017, Jimmi had revealed that he had no idea what role he was auditioning for and thought “it was going to be like a goofy kind of a CHiPs remake.” See the 15 Westworld reveals at the Paley Fest 2017.

On figuring out he was Man in Black before everyone else

Simpson says he had been asked to reshape his eyebrows and the only reason he figured, was because they were trying to make him look like someone else. When he meet one of the creators, he blurted out his theory to which “she said to not tell anyone I knew that.”

On William becoming Man in Black

It was the result if a ‘broken heart’, Simpson believes. William’s big reveal was a plot shocker and Jimmi thinks the transformation was perfect. Here’s what the actor had said:

“My job was not to play William turning into the man in black. My job was to play William who has his heart broken. I bet over the next 10 years he came back endless amounts of times, hoping she would find this mode that he found with her. It’s after years of that heartbreak that he became the man that he unfortunately became. At least that’s what I was playing.”

On returning to Westworld season 2

We only have two confirmed return for Westworld season 2. One is Louis Herthum who plays Peter Abernathy and the other is Talulah Riley whom we know as Angelica, the woman in white who welcomed William when he came into Westworld the first time. Although it looks like young William’s role is over, Jimmi Simpson speculates there are ways for William to return to the show.

“We now know the finish line for this man so I don’t know if there’s enough story to show. But I could see some interesting ways to bring him back,” the 41-year-old actor said. “Like the corporate takeover, or his other heartbroken visits to the park. But I’d never suggest they just stick William in for no reason. The writers have told me that they know this story very well. I’m mostly invested in Dolores, cause I think she stands for so many things.”

On his chances of acting alongside Ed Harris

To this Jimmi says: “maybe William shows up as a host and has a scene with Ed?”

Interesting theory! But tell us what you think on how Jimmi Simpson could possibly return to Westworld season 2? 

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