Jimmi Simpson Reveals Why Westworld Creators Won’t Watch Black Mirror & Katja Herbers’ “Crazy” Experience (Updated)

Jimmi Simpson, who we know for sure is working on Westworld season 2 will also appear in Black Mirror season 4. At the PaleyFest, Jimmi talked about how creators on both shows avoid watching each other’s show. Since both Westworld and Black Mirror belong to the futuristic sci-fi genre, Jimmi was asked how different the shows were to each other. To this he replied:

“I think they’re both real close actually. If I’m being honest, [Westworld creator] Charlie [Brooker] won’t watch Westworld until he’s done with Black Mirror and vice versa. [Jonathan Nolan] and [Lisa Joy] over at Westworld won’t watch Black Mirror until they’re done with Westworld.”

Both shows deal with potential technology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. But “Westworld is just a little bit more fantasy and Charlie’s scratching the surface of what is. So it’s kind of a little more immediate.”

He goes on to talk a bit more on Black Mirror; check out Jimmi’s entire interview here.

Jimmi Simpson and Katja Herbers

Both Jimmi Simpson and Katja Herbers will be seen in Westworld season 2

Katja Herbers is one of the new addition to Westworld this season. She is a Dutch actress best known for her role in Manhattan (2014-2015). We came across an interview of hers where she speaks about working in America. She is probably recording for Westworld right now. In an interview with telegraaf.nl, she talks about the long working hours in America and ‘a lot of waiting for the recordings.’

“…[for] Westworld, I sometimes have to wait three hours before I turn again. Then you’ve lost your adrenaline and you’re crazy,” the actor said. [translated by Google]

Another website, nu.nl reports that Katja only takes up roles that interest her, “that I would like to watch.” She goes on to say:

“Very nice that I’ve been in for an American tour, which has been a silent wish for a long time. To play with top actors like Anthony Hopkins, of course, is also a huge kick.” [translated by Google]

Did she just confirm Hopkins’ return?

Update: Miss Herbers reached out to us, saying her words were misrepresented. When referring to Hopkins, she was talking about season one. Here’s what she Tweeted us:

“Hi I didn’t say that.. the question was i was excited to join ww and I said I loved the first season with Hopkins & they spun it.. just FYI”

You can follow Katja on Twitter, she’s pretty active there and on Instagram with hopes to get a glimpse of Westworld season 2 shooting sets (I know I do!).

Also we recently learner that Misha Collins from Supernatural is a fan of Westworld. He admitted to binge-watching it at the Comic-Con and even said that “Westworld is the best television I’ve ever seen.” We can agree to that Collins!

Well, he just joined the list of celebrities who loved the show. Game of Thrones actors, Conleth Hill (Lord Varys) and Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) was spotted at the Comic-Con earlier this year, attending the Westworld Experience like a fan.

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