Jeffrey Wright Found Out About Bernard’s Major Twist The Morning Of The Shoot

Six stars from the entertainment industry clustered at THR’s Drama Actor Roundtable. Jeffrey Wright (Bernard Lowe) was one of them and he revealed that precise moment when he learned of his character’s major twist. [contains spoilers, proceed with caution]

Jeffrey Wright

Jeffrey Wright (Image source: THR)

The revelatory episode 9 of Westworld, titled The Well-Tempered Clavier, is famous for the Bernard twist that comes around the end of the episode. In the interview, Wright was asked about when he found out that Bernard is a host. To this Wright said:

“I found out that morning. I showed up to shoot and …”

The interviewer suggested that some actors may prefer knowing the big surprises for their characters no sooner than the shooting for the scene begins. But Wright says, that would’ve been impossible because:

“if you look back at the previous episodes, you’ll see these bread crumbs. I didn’t know when we shot the pilot. But when we came back, [showrunner] Lisa Joy pulled me aside and said, “Bernard’s uh …” You know, an incredibly articulate woman who stumbled around for 20, 30 seconds. “Um, um, he’s very complicated. How do I say this? How do I …?” And then she dropped it on me. And yeah, it was necessary because there are little flashes of forecasting that I would throw in.”

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Wright isn’t the only one who had figured Westworld’s major reveals before they were officially unveiled. In an earlier interview, Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores Abernathy) said she figured out about the real identity of the Man in Black way before the final episode and so did Jimmi Simpson (William).

Evan also said that the cast of Westworld has a group chat and Wright just confirmed it. “On Westworld, we all had our own secrets and there’d be a flurry of texts among the cast when individual secrets were revealed. We’d go, “What?!” I knew more than most because there were multiple layers to this thing,” Wright said.

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