Filming of Westworld Season 2 Suspended Due to Brush Fire & Ben Barnes Calls the Upcoming Season “Absolutely Wild”

Update 07/12: Westworld’s production is back on track. There’s no need to worry about any delay. HBO released a new statement on CNN saying,

“‘Westworld’ is currently scheduled to resume shooting today. The production will have a Fire Safety Officer on set to monitor conditions throughout the day.”

Shooting for Westworld at Santa Clarita has come to a halt owing to a 200-acre brush fire in Southern California. Flames from Rye Fire (that’s what they are calling it) are riding along the Santa Ana winds giving rise to safety concerns. HBO has offered the following statement:

“Due to nearby wildfires, Westworld stopped production earlier today and will resume filming as soon as it’s safe to do so.”

Besides Westworld, production for CBS drama, S.W.A.T. too has come to a standstill. Here’s a tweet from the show’s writers room announcing the same:

Earlier last month, production for season 2 has had to stop due to a “medical emergency” in which Zahn McClarnon suffered a blow in the head offset. He was rushed to the hospital and has recovered since.

From the tone of the statement made by HBO, the situation doesn’t seem too alarming but it would be wise to keep an eye on how the fire is spreading. Its been over a year since season 1 aired and we just hope season 2 rolls out as promised in the spring of 2018.

Ben Barnes The Punisher

Ben Barnes as Billy Russo in The Punisher

Moving on, Ben Barnes recently talked to Collider regarding his return to Westworld and his new Marvel/Netflix series The Punisher. Talking of the secrecy surrounding Westworld this season, Barnes remarks:

“Half the reason you get into this business is to be able to tell stories and share stories, and I sit there at every social thing that I go to, biting my tongue about everything, all the time. And now I’m involved in the second season of Westworld, which is even more secretive and I know even less about it, this time. I’m not even getting the full scripts, this time. All I know is that it’s absolutely wild!”

Barnes goes on to talk about his character, Billy Russo, in The Punisher which is very different to playing Logan in Westworld. It makes the actor anxious to think of the expectations fan have from Billy Russo. Read the whole interview here.

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