Evan Rachel Wood On Figuring Out A Major Twist, Working With Anthony Hopkins, & More

The actress said they are going to start shooting for Westworld season 2 in just over a month which isn’t far off from what we had reported earlier. Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores Abernathy) sat down with LA Times for a 30mins long interview. She reveals quite a few new things about shooting for Westworld season 1 and is evidently excited about season 2. You can check out the full video if you have the time, or you can go through the interview highlights that we have listed down. [Warning: Contains spoilers for season 1]

Key Takeaways From the Interview:

  • Evan was the geekiest of all Westworld cast members and had come up with tons of theories of her own.

“I think I had about a 100 theories, four were right.”

  • She was aware of Man in Black’s true identity. What really tipped her was a deja vu moment when after having shot the pilot with Ed Harris (Man in Black) one day she was shooting a scene with Jimmi Simpson (William) when Evan noticed they were “very” specific on how they were shooting and how Jimmi was to pick up scenes. And then she guessed.
  • But after all, she hoped William wouldn’t turn into Man in Black.

“I really really hope you are not the Man in Black because it’s so heart-breakout,” she told Jimmi one day.

  • Her proudest and most satisfying scene was right after Man in Black reveals his true identity in episode 10 after which she delivered a monologue and made a Jurassic Park reference.
Evan Rachel Wood on playing Dolores Abernathy

Evan Rachel Wood photographed by Myung J. Chun for LATimes

  • Speaking of that scene where Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) interrogates Dolores in ‘Contrapasso,’ Episode 5, Evan says she was so in awe of Sir Anthony Hopkins that she forgot she was chitchatting with him completely naked:

“My fist scene with Sir Anthony (he want’s me to call him Tony), I was totally naked and it was just him and I alone in a room …. we were doing this really intense scene but he was so distracting and I was so in awe of him …. that I would forget that I was naked and I would just start talking to him, small talk and someone would come up and say would you like a robe or something …. yes I should put a robe on. I am very sorry (laughs).”

  • Evan mentioned about Westworld cast members having a private group chat where they discuss theories.
  • The creators of the show (Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy) want every season to be different.
  • Evan feels that in TV shows like Westworld there are windows of opportunities for characters to come back. This is reminiscent of what Jimmi Simpson said earlier about returning to Westworld in some future season.
  • Playing Dolores has been one of the most revered experiences in her life. She feels like she has changed, found a “certain strength that she didn’t think she had.”
  • For Westworld season 2, Wood wants Dolores to team up with Maeve and lead the robot revolution and also she’d prefer if Dolores went on a bloody revenge spree while messing up with people’s minds.
  • Evan admits that “This was the most complex role I’ve played, hands down,” and later adds, “it’s hard to find roles like this, it’s hard to find scripts like this, it’s hard to find roles like this for women.”

How do you think Dolores would turn out in season 2?

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