Evan Rachel Wood Appears In ‘Exit Magazine’, Talks Westworld

Our favorite Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood is gracing the page of Exit Magazine’s spring-summer 2017 issue. Need we say, she looks stunning, because the woman is “perfection”. In her interview with the magazine, Evan opened up about her role as Dolores Abernathy – a farm girl/host – in Westworld season 1.

Evan Rachel Wood for Exit Magazine

Evan Rachel Wood for Exit Magazine

Fashion Gone Rogue quotes the 29-years-old singer saying:

“I remember shooting a scene with Jimmi Simpson where he gets pinned against the wall by some bad soldiers and he tells me to run. The first take that we did, I ran out of the frame, and I wasn’t supposed to. Everyone was really confused and I was just shocked. I’m just so used to running, I’ve never been asked to save the day. I almost started crying, because it hit me that that shouldn’t be a novelty.”

Sounds like playing Dolores way a life changing experience for Wood. It impacted her in ways she could’ve have comprehended. Back when Westworld was still airing Wood had opened up about sexual assault and having been raped twice. The actress identifies as bisexual and is pretty open about it. She once made a 19-minute video to reach out to the LGBT community and posted it online.

There’s no doubt, Westworld treats its female leads fairly, who have really found a voice in the show. At the Paley Fest, Thandie Newton (Maeve Millay) talked of combining acting with activism. Check out the details here.

Coming back to Dolores, the actress has high hopes from Dolores 2.0 in season 2. Speaking to ET, Wood said she is “curious to see the unleashed version of [Dolores] that we caught a glimpse of at the very end of the finale.” 

The actress hopes we’ll see a completely different side of her in Westworld season 2. The show’s co-creator Jonathan Nolan had said that the next season won’t begin where the first season ended. So we may see a changed Dolores right from the first episode of the second season.

What do you think of the new Dolores? 

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