Anthony Hopkins on the Challenges of Playing Dr Ford in Westworld

Veteran actor, Anthony Hopkins who plays the mysterious Dr. Ford in Westworld is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors of our generation. He’s been nominated for an Emmy this year for his role in the show. Notable for his commanding roles, Hopkins says, he is anything but a control freak. In a delightful little interview, Sir Anthony Hopkins discusses Doctor Robert Ford and talks about his family’s political alliances and A.I.

Westworld Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins in Westworld

Talking to the Asian Age, Hopkins reveals that he is really opposite to Dr. Ford.

“I get to play these very strange characters who are always in control. This is completely against my nature. I just go with the flow of it all now, and I love being out here. I can’t take anything too seriously,” the actor said.

When asked, why then is he often cast in these “controlling” roles? Hopkins replies, “I have no idea. Maybe it’s coldness. I think, maybe, it’s the blank stare.”

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The actor says he loves roles with a lot of dialogues (so do we) which is probably why he enjoyed working in Westworld more than in films.

Talking of good directors, Hopkins shared a bit of behind-the-scene story of Westworld. “I remember doing a scene on Westworld, with a very good director, Michelle MacLaren. I’d seen it in my own cinematic vision in my head, and I said, I’d like to do it this way,” he said.

“Then Jonah came on the set, and said, oh my god, I didn’t think the scene was going to work like that. But you’ve got to try it, experiment with it,” he added.

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Sir Anthony Hopkins says he finds utopia or dystopia stories “pretty alarming”. He was raised in a family who were staunch left wing Marxist. But Sir Anthony isn’t the kind who takes things too seriously.

“I hear so many opinions from people, but I know the only certainty is death. Some people believe that being a celebrity or being famous or being very successful is going to ward off mortality, but it doesn’t do a thing at all.”

(Speaking of death, Sir Anthony could have a good chat with Beric Dondarrion from Game of Thrones)

As for robots who can potentially take over the world in the future, the 79-year-old actor he recently talked to a guy from MIT who said, “there’s no such thing — you can never really create artificial intelligence. You cannot create life, you cannot create a thinking being…but then he said: ‘But I could be wrong.’”

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