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    Westworld Leaks, The Bicameral Mind Script & Season 1 Marathon

    Dolores Abernathy with a gun in the "The Bicameral Mind"

    A quick catch up on latest Westworld news: Earlier this month hackers stole some 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO and in what the hackers call the “4th Wave HBO Leak,” they have released the shooting schedule of Westworld season 2. THR brings us a new interview with Westworld co-creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy where they breakdown the final scenes of the episode “The Bicameral Mind.” Also, Westworld Season 1 marathon starts today.

    Dolores Abernathy with a gun in the "The Bicameral Mind"
    Dolores in the “The Bicameral Mind”

    The hackers reached out to Mashable offering a few files of what they have managed to steal from HBO.When the website reached out to HBO to confirm, a spokesman said, “[as] there is an ongoing investigation we will have no comment beyond the statements that are already out there.” Mashable only offers a screenshot, refraining to post any spoiler that can be gathered from the product calendar details they now possess. You can go take a look at Mashable.

    Moving on, you probably know that Westworld season 1 has received Emmy 22 nominations this year. Both Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy has been nominated for the Writing for a Drama Series for “The Bicameral Mind.” The duo let THR peek into two pages from the script of the “The Bicameral Mind” that narrates the final moments of the show.

    Westworld The Bicameral Mind script
    Westworld’s The Bicameral Mind script via THR

    Here’s a dissection of the scene as told by Nolan and Joy:

    Ed Harris: “He’s expressing the character’s fear and frustration that Ford [Anthony Hopkins] would never relinquish control of his game and that the rules would never change.”

    Dolores:Trish Summerville had designed Dolores’ [Evan Rachel Wood] blue dress for the pilot. Dolores had shifted into pants midway through the season. Here we wanted her to reclaim her look and flip it on its head. If she started as a princess, here we wanted her to take on the visual power of ‘Liberty leading the people.'”

    Nolan and Joy were confident that Evan could pull off Dolores’ dark side pretty well, but “How she would play this sweet rancher’s daughter was more of an unknown. We were blown away. Turns out she can do anything.”

    Dr. Ford’s quote: “Turns out consciousness is a fairly complicated subject. We went down a rabbit hole with the works of Daniel Dennett, Marvin Minsky, Julian Jaynes and Douglas Hofstadter as our guides. This quote is our mangling of Hofstadter’s beautiful ideas about consciousness.”

    Nolan went on to say:

    “These final nights of production were bittersweet, shooting Sir Anthony Hopkins in both senses of the word. It was an incredible experience working with one of the greatest actors of our time. We found a way to go out in style: a black-tie setting, a nice glass of champagne and Evan Rachel Wood with a revolver.”

    And finally, if you haven’t laid your hands on the Digital HD or Blu-ray, DVD releases, don’t worry here’s your chance to catch up on the show again. Westworld season 1 marathon is going on in HBO 2, as we speak.

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    Westworld is Not Set in the Future, Says Jonathan Nolan

    Jonathan Nolan Westworld

    One of the many questions that have been bugging fans ever since the show aired is the actual time-frame of Westworld. Showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan haven’t revealed much about when or where exactly Westworld is set, until now.

    In an interview with THR, Nolan says one of the biggest misconceptions about Westworld is: “That it takes place in the future.”

    “We had some pretty frightening conversations about [artificial intelligence] with people who have a front-row seat to what’s happening,” he says. “We’ve all thought about this subject as science fiction for so long that it’s hard to understand it’s happening — right now. Humanity’s pursuit of these technologies is like driving in a fast car at night, with the headlights off, hurtling toward something …”

    Westworld may not be set is too distant future but it’s not present either. Right after The Bicameral Mind aired one Redditor found a video in the Delos Incorporated website that reveals what looks like a date on the top left-hand corner of the screen (see picture). It says, 6/15/2052. So that’s a near future, not a distant one.

     Westworld timeline
    When is Westworld set? Answer: 2050s

    I discovered this video where Paul Cameron, the DOP of Westworld talks about the development of the world of the show. Here he mentions about the time Westworld is supposed to be set in. He says:

    “In terms of the look of the operation center, a lot of us weren’t aware of the actual time frame of Westworld. We were basically told that it exists not too far in the … distant future. I think we’ve learned it also takes place in the not too distant past so I wanted to develop a look there that was kind of a bit darker and chromatic….”

    All these evidence do support the theory about Westworld being set in the 2050s.

    Coming back to the fresh interview, Nolan and Joy also talked of the challenges of writing season one. While Joy recalled working with her dream team in an “imaginary theme park,” Nolan said that the most difficult scene to write was: “The scene at the end of the finale between Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood and Jeffrey Wright in which Ford [Hopkins] explains what the fuck has been happening during the whole season.”

    Remember Ford’s final toast (of course you do), just minutes before his brains were blown out. Moments before the incident, Ford said “Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin never died. They simply became music.” That’s Lisa Joy‘s favorite dialogue and she explains what they really meant by writing that dialogue.

    “We started the series with the image of the player piano — emotion as holes punched into a scroll of paper — and this sentiment closed the circle,” she said, adding. “There’s something both comforting and terrifying about the idea that our experiences, our thoughts, our lives, might persist in code, in the things we’ve left behind.”

    Westworld season one has received 22 Emmy nominations and season 2 is currently being filmed.

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    Rodrigo Santoro is Returning to Westworld for Season 2 & Jay Worth Talks VFX of Westworld

    Rodrigo Santoro as Hector Escaton in Westworld S1

    The last we remember of Hector, he could have gone down in a shower of bullets. But because we didn’t see him die and there was no way of telling how much he was damaged, I hoped he would return in the second season. Well, we are happy to announce that he really is returning to Westworld in season 2.

    Rodrigo Santoro is one of the leads in the Westworld season 2 and it’s been confirmed by the talent agency that represents him. He is currently filming for the show.

    Rodrigo Santoro as Hector Escaton in Westworld S1
    Rodrigo Santoro as Hector Escaton in Westworld S1

    Westworld VFX supervisor Jay Worth has been nominated for the Emmys this year (for the finale episode). He spoke to LA Times about how visual effects helped shape the narrative of the show.

    “When it’s not possible in the natural world, that’s when we step in,” he said.

    If you recall in the ‘The Bicameral Mind’ episode, there was a mechanical Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) sharing her first experience in the world by the side of her creator. Speaking of that scene, Worth says “It needed to be robotic but elegant in a beautiful, realistic way.”

    Birth scene of Dolores Abernathy
    Birth scene of Dolores Abernathy

    VFX also played a part in the portrayal of the malfunctioning hosts. To make it believable, Jay Worth’s team added jerky movements showing the breakdown of the hosts. Like the rest of us, he praises the actors on the show saying “our actors were incredible at embodying the role, the only time we changed something was story-dependent. Sometimes we would take the smallest bit of sheen off their eyes so they would look less human.”

    DON’T MISS: Evan Rachel Wood Says “Dolores Has Been Pushed a Little Too Far”

    Hector is undoubtedly one of my favorites in the show and I’m glad he’s returning. Do you think he’ll team up with Maeve (Thandie Newton) again? She did leave him at the end but there didn’t seem to be any bitterness between them back then. What do you think will happen when they meet in Westworld season 2.

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    Westworld Co-creators Talk Creative Influences and Fan Art

    Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy of Westworld
    Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy of Westworld
    Westworld showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy

    For creating one of the best television show of today’s time, showrunners and co-creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy looked at art for inspiration. From pictures to kachinas and poetry, a lot went into making what is known as the Emmy award nominated show, Westworld.

    “Other people’s artwork has a reciprocal effect on ours,” Joy says. “Our show is inspired by art, and then we see the fan art that’s out there that has been made for the show, and that takes it to the next level. It’s wonderful being a part of this chain of creative influence.”

    Variety reports that in the duo’s office they found a pair of custom Pop! Funko figures of the married couple, a collection of books on photography and poetry. Some of the work Nolan and Joy mentions are Kilian Eng’s prints for visual inspiration, photography of Edward Curtis, Blood Meridian – a novel by Cormac McCarthy, and Michael Lesy’s photography book Dreamland. A combination of these are several other artistic works helped chart out the “collision between the West and the future” which Westworld seems to capture so well.

    Books that inspired Westworld
    Books that inspired Westworld

    Poetry Influenced Dr. Ford’s Character

    The key to Robert Ford’s nostalgic character lies in poetry, Joy says. Bringing that poetic feel to his character was achieved in the old fashion way – by reading a lot of poetry.

    “Dr. Ford’s character is so poetic and so versed and educated in literature and culture,” Joy says. “Because of the way he speaks, I found it inspiring to read poetry and think about those poems — because he would have read those poems and been inspired by them.”

    The Pre-Series Road Trip

    During the early stage of development of the show, they went for a little road trip across the west. Nolan and Joy explored the Lake Powell, Utah, and the Grand Canyon. “In part of that trip, we went to Santa Fe and found a couple of original prints from Edward Curtis. The pictures are timeless. They capture a moment before you feel the end of the west if you will. The pictures here were very inspirational for us and the show in terms of the look and feel,” Nolan says.

    Westworld kachina
    Kachina (left) from Jonathan and Lisa’s office; Westworld Kachina (right)

    The showrunners came across kachinas in the Navajo Nation in almost every shop. The kachinas served as an inspiration for the figure that Maeve found around the time when she began recalling memories of her previous programming.

    FIND OUT: Where Is Westworld Filmed?

    The lego horse that you see below (from Joy and Nolan’s office) is made by Westworld producer Noreen O’Toole’s husband Dave. It’s obviously been inspired by Westworld’s opening sequence.

    Westworld Lego

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    Westworld Cast Gustaf Skarsgård, Fares Fares & Betty Gabriel For Season 2

    The cast of Westworld season 2

    There are a ton of new actors being cast for Westworld season 2. Speaking of the latest addition, Gustaf Skarsgård & Fares Fares are cast as regulars and Betty Gabriel for a recurring role in the upcoming season. Some of the new faces this season include Katja Herbers, Neil Jackson & Jonathan Tucker. Zahn McClarnon from Longmire is joining too, although it’s yet to be confirmed.

    Gustaf Skarsgård is best known for his role in History Channel’s drama series Vikings and Fares Fares is best remembered for portrayed Fauzi Nadal in Tyrant. Many of you may know Betty Gabriel from Good Girls Revolt. We have a little insight on the roles they are going to take on. Skarsgård plays a white-collar guy, Fares is a techie and Gabriel is part of the team trying to restore order in the park, as per Deadline. They haven’t specified Gabriel’s designation.

    The cast of Westworld season 2
    Gustaf Skarsgård, Fares Fares & Betty Gabriel are going to appear in Westworld season 2

    We know both from the trailer and from what Evan Rachel Wood recently said, Dolores, is thirsting for blood. Westworld season 2 is marked by “chaos” and by the looks of it, the new recruits are going to find themselves in some very usual circumstances.

    On the other hand, in a new interview, Jeffrey Wright, who is currently filming, praised the ingenuity of the creators for allowing viewers to sympathize with the robots over humans.

    “The hosts are exactly metaphors for humans,” Wright said, “and so the decision to focus the show on their experiences and their perspectives… was a really ingenious one, because it allowed the audience to examine that metaphor even more closely.”

    Wright is currently contesting for the Emmys as Best Drama Supporting Actor. Westworld has racked up an impressive 22 nominations this year (we have our fingers crossed!). In the chat with Goldderby, Jeffery Wright says the nominations validates the work they have done in Westworld season 1. Check out the entire interview below:

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    Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood: “Dolores Has Been Pushed a Little Too Far”

    Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy

    With the Emmys nearing every second and the filming of season 2 going in full throttle, Evan Rachel Wood is as excited as the rest of us. The quest to Dolores’ consciousness came to a full circle by the end of the first season when she remembered [spoiler alert] killing Arnold years ago and then shooting Ford’s brain out. Evan Rachel Wood who portrays Dolores Abernathy on the hit HBO TV show sat down for an interview with HR and talked how her character is turning out in Westworld Season 2.

    Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy
    Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy in Westworld

    Wood spoke extensively on Dolores’ new avatar in the Westworld Season 2 trailer that came out at the SDCC Comic Con last month. Here’s what she said:

    “The whole time, people were rooting for her to break free and take control. To finally have that image of her with this disheveled blue dress and bullets across her chest and her hair blowing in the wind, free and wild, and taking control of her life again… yes, she’s gunning down people. But in her defense, she has been pushed a little too far. (Laughs.)”

    Interestingly, Evan draws a comparison between Wonder Woman and Dolores. Both being outsiders to the regular world and not knowing how patriarchy works, gives them an advantage.

    “Here’s something about Dolores not really being a man or a woman. She’s a machine. She kind of transcends gender and stereotypes. There’s something very cool and inspiring about that,” Wood says.

    Evan Rachel Wood is known for championing androgyny and turning fashion statement on its head at several awards functions and events.

    Wood reminisced about taking on the role without knowing what she was getting into. Speaking of Dolores’ journey in Westworld season 1, Evan says: “I think what surprised everybody is that we were taking that stereotype [of being a damsel in distress] and cliche and really turning it on its head. I didn’t expect it either. When I signed on, I didn’t know anything about my character. I was very pleasantly surprised.”

    Acting like a robot was a whole new ball game altogether. Wood along with the co-creators of the show Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy chalked out on how she was going to play the part.

    “In the span of 60 seconds, I could be four different people,” Evan says.

    Like fans, Evan was very much into theorizing and even during filming, on set she was trying to figure out everything. “I honestly don’t know what drives it,” the actor says. “Because they’re such good storytellers, you kind of can’t help it. You get sucked in.” Couldn’t agree with her more.

    If Dolores really is thirsting for blood in Westworld season 2 and killing innocent people in her revenge spree, do you think you will be rooting for her?

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    Cinematographer Paul Cameron on Anthony Hopkins: He Had More Fun in Westworld Than on Movie Sets

    Anthony Hopkins in a scene from Westworld Season 1

    This year Westworld received a record-setting 22 Emmy nominations. In a new interview, first-time Emmy nominee, Director of Photography Paul Cameron reflects on his work in HBO’s newest television show. In another interview, costume designer Trish Summerville and Lynda Foote opens up about dressing a western and the new addition to the family, Jonathan Tucker (best known for his role in the drama series Kingdom) talks about being lucky.

    Westworld Cinematographer Paul Cameron
    Westworld Cinematographer Paul Cameron [image source]

    DP Paul Cameron:

    Having previously worked in films, the grand scale of movies was something veteran DP tried to capture in Westworld Season 1“It was exciting to be on a set for a pilot that had the same cinematic approach and expectations as a bigger feature film,” Paul Cameron told Backstage. When Cameron first meet with Jonathan Nolan, co-creator of the show, they both agreed on shooting the show on “film.”

    “I could tell from the meeting [that] there was a high level of cinematic expectations and a big screen desire on Jonathan’s part.”

    Apart from drawing inspiration from the 1973 original film, Cameron also reflected on other western movies like The Searchers and fantasy films like Groundhog Day. Although while filming most of the actors were kept in dark about the twists and turns of the story, the cinematographer reveals that he knew a bit more than the actors did. “By nature, as a director of photography, we get a lot more context with the showrunners and director. So I was fortunate enough to get more information,” Cameron said.

    Anthony Hopkins in a scene from Westworld Season 1
    Anthony Hopkins in a scene from Westworld Season 1

    Having feedbacks from A-list actors who have had extensive film background helped Cameron “make suggestions and corrections.” Cameron also spoke of working with Sir Anthony Hopkins.

    “After a couple days of shooting, he said he was having more fun on this show than he had in years working on movie sets.”

    Since we are living in the golden age of television Westworld DP Paul Cameron feels TV shows today should be treated like theatrical productions and “it doesn’t get higher-end than “Westworld.”

    Costume Designers Trish Summerville & Lynda Foote:

    Summerville is known for her work in a wide array of films like The Hunger Games, David Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and now WestworldTrish Summerville along fellow designers Lynda Foote are first-time Emmy nominees.

    One of my favorite leather pieces we made for #westworld Hand carved #hectorescaton #rodrigosantoro

    A post shared by Trish Summerville (@mztsummerville) on

    Summerville told Variety that she had always wanted to do a western. Foote, on the other hand, talked about the thoughts that went behind designing the clothes for the show. “The costumes needed to introduce the many layers of [the theme park], and each layer had to have its own uniqueness..” she said, adding:

    “These characters all needed to convey a strange mix of the futuristic and a cold sense of where humanity has evolved whereby people seek out this kind of entertainment to actually feel emotions again. It’s the stifling world of a future where ‘real’ has to be bought.”

    Westworld Season 2 Cast Jonathan Tucker:

    At the San Diego Comic-Con, Jonathan Tucker was announced as the newest cast member of Westworld 2 along with veteran actor Neil Jackson. In an interview with TV Fanatics, Tucker admitted to feeling “pretty lucky”.

    “I feel like the luckiest guy in the whole world. I’m getting to make a living as an actor. It’s like, what else could I possibly want?” We can’t wait to see his role in Westworld season 2 which will debut in Spring 2018.

    That’s all we have for today folks. I hope all these new tidbits are getting you excited. Be sure to return for more updates.

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    Watch Jimmi Simpson Recap Westworld Season 1 in Just 6 Minutes

    Jimmi Simpson Recap Westworld Season 1 in Just 6 Minutes

    Jimmi Simpson who confirmed his return as young William in Westworld season 2 appears in a new video recapping season 1. The work is harder than it sounds. He had to speak really fast.

    Jest aside, watch Jimmi nipping through the first season in the video below:

    If you are done with the recap, here’s what went on today on the set of Westworld season 2.

    Looks like outdoor shooting is riskier than one would think. Jeffrey Wright (Bernard Lowe) recently posted on Instagram about a rattle snake that invaded the sets.

    Evan Rachel Wood who plays Dolores Abernathy sent out a heartwarming tweet about becoming emotional on set. She is talking about a scene. We don’t know anything about the scene but in past Wood has raved about the role of women in Westworld, saying: “it’s hard to find roles like this, it’s hard to find scripts like this, it’s hard to find roles like this for women.” So she could be talking about a badass scene she’s shooting right now.

    Also, a fan asked Evan whether she “was really no-hand riding & shooting in that new Westworld promo”. To this the actor replied:

    Jimmi Simpson tweeted that today was his first day of shooting for Westworld 2. He’s probably doing some scene with Evan because in the tweet he thanked her, saying “you’re beyond words.” Going by this, it’s possible that Evan is talking about a scene she’s shooting with young William played by Jimmi, in that earlier tweet. Whatever the case, shooting for season 2 seems to be going pretty well.

    As you can see, Jimmi has uploaded a view of a breathtaking location where they are shooting for S2. I don’t know where this is but if any of our readers happen to cross any of Westworld’s filming set, do let out know. You can comment on this post or reach out via Facebook and Twitter. Email us, if you like. Stay tuned for more coverage on Westworld.

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    Jimmi Simpson Confirms Return to Westworld in Season 2

    William in Westworld Season 1

    On several occasions in past, Jimmi Simpson (William) talked about his return to Westworld. There is no end to possibilities in a show of this scale. But after the way, things ended in season 1, no one was sure of William’s return until now. It was a fan who asked Simpson on Twitter: “Are u confirmed for season 2?”

    Here’s what Simpson replied:

    Update: Evan Rachel Wood and Jimmi Simpson are currently shooting together. They have been tweeting about it. Here’s what Jimmi said:

    Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores Abernathy) tweeted about a scene she is shooting and that it made her cry. I’m sure it’s some badass Dolores scene. Can’t wait to find out.

    Earlier when Wood was asked to describe the first episode of Westworld season 2 in one word, she said – “chaos.” And the first official teaser that rolled out at the SDCC 2017 certainly affirmed her description.

    A lot of things have happened this month. HBO announced that Westworld will return with a second season in Spring 2018. Fans got a first-hand experience of Westworld at the 2017 San-Diego Comic-Con. We didn’t go but we did write an account of what happened at the Westworld Experience Center before the Comic Con panel.

    There are a couple of new faces joining the show this season and they are Katja Herbers known for shows like The Leftovers, The Americans, and Manhattan. She’ll be playing “a seasoned guest [named Grace] whose latest visit comes at the park’s darkest hour.” And then there is Zahn McClarnon from Longmire, who’s been given a nod by Louis Herthum on Twitter for joining the show.

    The first season of the show has been nominated for 22 Emmy Awards including Outstanding Drama Series, Lead Actress in a Drama Series (Evan Rachel Wood), Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Anthony Hopkins), Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Thandie Newton), Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Jeffrey Wright), among others. Check out the full list of people nominated right here.

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    Westworld Season 2 Debuts in Spring 2018, HBO Confirms

    Man in Black actor Ed Harris

    HBO just confirmed that Westworld Season 2 is debuting in spring 2018. The information comes from the official Medium account for HBO and Cinemax Corporate Communications team.

    The series is currently under production but we don’t have a release date yet.  Luke Hemsworth (Ashley Stubbs), Clifton Collins Jr. (Lawrence/El Lazo), and Jeffrey Wright (Bernard Lowe) are currently shooting. We know Talulah Riley (Angela) and Louis Herthum (Peter Abernathy) have been signed up as season regulars and we have two new cast members – Katja Herbers and Zahn McClarnon joining the series.

    Man in Black actor Ed Harris
    Man in Black actor Ed Harris

    It’s worth mentioning here that Evan Rachel Wood summed up episode one of the upcoming season in one word – chaos. It reflects what the showrunners have been saying for a while. By the way, the showrunner and co-creator duo have also revealed that there is going to be a time jump this coming season. So are they skipping the revolution just when things are starting to heat up? It’s impossible to tell. At least the trailer showed a bit of the aftermath of season one’s finale.

    Although Westworld season 2 is far off, some fans did get to experience Westworld for real, a couple of days back at the 2017 San-Diego Comic-Con. We couldn’t go but we wrote about it and it’s worth taking a look.

    Also, Westworld has been nominated for 22 Emmys this year. We have our fingers crossed for 22 wins! But first, we have to wait for September 17 for the ceremony that’ll be held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. The show is going to be hosted by Stephen Colbert.

    Folks, this blog hasn’t been updated in the past week on account of my ill-health. Therefore in the next couple of days, I’ll be rolling out several new and exciting information about Westworld 2. Stay tuned!

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