10 Best Westworld Halloween Costumes This Year

Halloween came and went. Westworld fans put on their best host impressions and shared some their Westworld themed Halloween costumes on Twitter and Reddit. Amidst the agonizing wait for Westworld season 2, here are 10 best ‘Westworld Halloween‘ costumes to cheer you up.

1. The Piano

2. Westworld Couple

3. Dolores & Gun (Yikes!)

My very talented friend’s costume this year! from westworld

4. Maeve & Clem

5. William & Dolores (Nailed it!)

Girlfriend and I went as William and Dolores for Halloween from westworld

6. Maeve & Hector

Go on! Just do it !🔪 from westworld

7. Hector & Armistice

8. Felix/Sylvester? & Dolores

9. Dolores (again!)

My take on Dolores this year for Halloween from westworld

10. Becoming Armistice

Congratulations guys!

Looks like couples and Dolores have been a huge hit this ‘Westworld Halloween.’ Our fandom is blessed with creative people, take a look at these Westworld fan art before you leave.

If you wore a Westworld themed Halloween costume this, share your picture with us in the comment section below.

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