10 Big Questions ‘Westworld’ Season Finale Needs to Answer

There are several unanswered questions that we hope to see resolved before the end of Westworld season 1. The show now has a massive task of tying all loose ends in episode 10 that premiere’s on December 4th. Here we take a look at those questions and how they may pave the path for the next season.

Elsies Huges in Westworld Season 1

With Westworld season 1 finale, can we really hope to get answers to all our questions?

What is Ford’s new narrative?

Dr Ford (Anthony Hopkins) has been teasing us for long about his secret narrative. And honestly, the more I think about it, the more it terrifies me. Who knows what goes on in that man’s head! He’s always two steps ahead of everyone, and something tells me, he knows about Maeve. Perhaps Maeve is a part of his big “narrative”. The real question is, what is Ford’s motives?

Westworld season 1

Are you ready for Westworld Season 1 finale?

What is the Maze?

Something that everyone’s asking since day one. It’s the mother of all questions. Three popular theories suggest that the maze is the “key to the freedom of Hosts”. I’m not sure what freedom means here because in the last episode Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) seemed least interested in going out of the Park when she pointed out: “You both keep assuming that I want out. Whatever that is. If it’s such a wonderful place out there, why are you all clamouring to get in here?” 

The second theory suggests the maze is a “kill switch of the Park” which is very unlikely because the show plans to survive beyond the first season. The last theory is that the maze could be “a way to control everything in Westworld” but its sounds boring and hollow.

Where on Earth is the Park’s Control Facility located? And what future year is it set in?

Before the show began, I thought Westworld was a virtual world. But it isn’t. Now every time I see someone travelling up that elevator, I can’t help but wonder about the massive structure built beneath the Westworld. We need more information regarding how the Park is operated. How big is the Park? When is the show set in? How has the world changed since 2016?

If you ask me, Westworld is set in an alternate universe.

Isn’t Bernard Coming Back?

Jeffrey Wright did write a message on his Twitter timeline saying: “Goodbye”, something that both Shannon and Luke hasn’t done. Could it be a real goodbye to the show? Probably not. But only time will tell what Ford plans to do with Bernard.

Man in Black’s real name?

William? Logan? There is, of course, a deliberate mystery surrounding MIB’s (Ed Harris) identity. Apart from the two-timeline theory that suggests that he is someone we already know by name, I’m not sure what else can be in-store for the MIB in the final. Also, why did MIB – now that it’s clear that he’s most likely one of the board members – help Ford retain his position all those years ago. What exactly is their relationship status and how has it changed over the course of these years?

What did MIB do to Dolores in the barn?

My thoughts: he scalped her, looking for the maze. She is after all the oldest host.

Dolores a baddie?

With the last episode’s revelations, we now know that she killed Arnold, although for what reasons or under who’s instruction, remains unknown.

What happened 30 years ago?

Did Dolores (and Teddy?) murder everyone trying to teach robots to dance, perhaps under Arnold’s instruction? I guess what we are going to find out in Westword episode 10 is what exactly is Dolores’ purpose in the show. How is her past connected to the present? Lately, her endless flashbacks and meandering journey through Westworld have been becoming a little boring until the last episode. I hope things pick up from her end pretty soon.

What Happened to Elsie and Stubbs?

Elsie (Shannon Woodward) isn’t dead. I keep telling everyone. Ford can’t deal with two top level executives’ death at the moment. He’d need to explain himself to the board. Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) who, I feel, was deliberately taken down by Ford so that he can go ahead with his “new narrative” unhindered. Stubbs is hopefully safe for the moment.

Who’s Host and who isn’t?

It’s a tough call, but it’s also a question that doesn’t need a definite answer yet. There are theories but getting the theories down don’t matter as much as the complex and beautiful story telling does.

The revelations are going to happen at its own pace. But if it still worries you then go take a quiz – Are You Human or Are You Host?

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